Skywalk Chili3


The Skywalk CHILI3

The Chili3 is classified as a high-end free rider, impresses with outstanding XC performance for its class. Good glide behavior, high top speed, high stability yet high pilot safety at the same time. New technology like mini-ribs, C-wires as well as a new cell concept that saves 25% in meters of line provide more performance. High value was placed on achieving the clean and simple handling, especially pleasing to pilots. The reduced brake pressure compared to the CHILI3 provides for a high comfort factor, even during long flights. Perfect for the ambitious XC pilot who does not want to sacrifice the safety of the EN B class.


The paraglider built especially for big tasks


Exceptionally high value was placed on achieving the clean, simple and direct handling of the CHILI3 during development and the results are very satisfying. The reduced steering pressure in comparison with the CHILI2 makes it possible to maintain the good feeling even during very long flights. It is not just the excellent performance and high flight stability that makes the CHILI3 shine, but the error-forgiving flight behavior as well. Thus, the CHILI3 is the perfect companion for ambitious xc pilots who do not want to do without the safety that an EN-B wing offers, and for thermal pilots without a lot of experience.


The CHILI3 impresses with extraordinary XC characteristics. Very good glide performance and high end speed go hand in hand with high stability and a safe feeling for pilots. For those who want to access the full potential of the CHILI3, and those who have the experience, we recommend the use of an aerodynamic harness. Only then can the extraordinary glide of the CHILI3 be fully utilized. The climb performance of the CHILI3 is outstanding and can be precisely controlled.


The reactions of the CHILI3 are very manageable. Canopy feedback is good and direct. Our tried and true JET FLAPS are partly responsible, along with the relatively low aspect ratio. The position of the A-level was not moved back and the CHILI3 was certified without folding lines, like all of the skywalk gliders! For pilots with very low flight hours or lower performance demands, we recommend the TEQUILA, a low-level B wing.

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