Icaro Comfortpack


Icaro Comfortpack

Luxurious, ergonomic paraglider backpack from ICARO paragliders. Available in two sizes.

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Big Bag for Big Gliders


Luxurious, ergonomic paraglider backpack from ICARO paragliders available in two sizes.

The type of backpack used does not affect the flight characteristics of a paraglider, but it does influence the hike up to the launch area. Many launch areas are reached by a short hike, but some pilots carry their equipment to the summit themselves. The backpack has to be big enough to contain all the necessary equipment but must also be comfortable to carry. It must not slip from side to side, nor tilt back, nor shift the pilot’s center of gravity. Otherwise, the walk to launch will be a nightmare.

Our backpack is a perfect carrying system. It has a clever mechanism to compress the contents of the backpack so that nothing can slip around inside. It also has three smaller inner pockets and a large outer pocket which are easily accessible. The material used was chosen for durability and to withstand the stress and strain of an airport check-in. At the same time its ultra light weight. Robust, tried and tested, and the zips can be padlocked. To enhance the design, we abstained from cheap inscriptions. Our own logo is embroidered with the most up-to-date technology.

This backpack is not only practical, very robust, reliable and visually appealing!!


  • fastening system designed to distribute the volumetric capacity on each side
  • ergonomic structural system
  • wide hip belt
  • 1 small outside pocket for mobile phone & purse
  • 3 small and 1 big, easily accessible inside pocket

Sizes: L (130-160 l) / S (80-95 l)

Color: black-yellow.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 6 in



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