Icaro Concertina / Cell Bag


Icaro Concertina Bag

The concertina bag is used for glider preservation and simplifies the packing process. It protects against abrasion, soiling and direct contact with the ground.


Icaro Concertina / Cell Bag


The concertina bag is used for preserving the performance (and safety) of your wing. The way in which you pack your wing is important and the cell bag simplifies this by allowing the pilot to pack cell on cell. Using the cell bag, the pilot can avoid, abrasion on the wing, soiling it and direct contact with the ground. Inner straps offer a quick pack and prevent the glider from shifting. Net mesh, allows the wing to “air out” and moisture can be released. The cell bag is made of ultra light weight material. It fits all paragliding models. Size: 2800 cm x 55 cm little weight 480 gram


  • Velcro straps pocket to hold the cells in place
  • Compression straps for the wing
  • Separate pocket for the risers
  • High quality YKK zip along the bag
  • Reinforced cordage
  • Meshed netting on the sides.
  • Two-step Velcro straps for gliders, large and small.
  • Large printed logo

Color: Black-gray

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in


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