Icaro Cyber TE


… and this glider flies awesome!

The light canopy makes take off a pleasure: The CYBER TE comes up without a lot of pulling reliably to the zenith and doesn’t overshoot. Thanks to the modern profile, the optimized line geometry and the perfectly standing canopy the CYBER TE has a very respectable performance which enables beginners a easy take off and straight forward landings.

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Break through technology in the new CYBER TE: A beginner’s wing can be a technology leader!

Light-weight construction!

Very light material, an optimized inner life, rods in the profile nose, less suspension points and a very innovative line geometry for a beginners glider. A reduced pack size and a weight which is at mountaineers level. And this without affecting durability and firmness.

Easy to handle!

Thanks to Hybrid-3-Line technology the CYBER TE has only three risers per side. The well-known two-cell-technology with diagonal rips which normally can only be found in the higher classes, reduces the gallery lines to half. This make the CYBER TE very clear arranged and quick and easy to sort. All-important: all main lines have the same length. Like this the owner of the CYBER TE can check the trim easily by himself. A great help to beginners are the markings at the risers for take off, Big Ears and B-stall. Like this you always grab the correct riser especially when it is a bit stressful in the beginning.

Target pilots

Beginners who look for a lively, performant, fast and, nevertheless, also gentle and easy glider which they do not want to give away after schooling any more. Thermal- & long distance pilots who search for a modern and safe wing that awakes the desire to fly much more. All pilots who want to leave EN B class wings out in the rain with an EN A class wing.

… and it is great looking too!

The elegant wing shape reminds looks more like an intermediate glider, the trendy colors are unusual, but very harmonic and appealing. The many details, like special reinforcements in the bottom sail at every suspension point, neatly folded & sewn diagonal ribs and t-profiles inside, express ICARO’s high-class claim also for beginners gliders. You will see: most flight students will not want any other glider once they have carried it up the training site and after their first flight with the CYBER TE (Technical Evolution)!

Download the Cyber TE informational flyer and user manual:
Cyber TE User Manual
Cyber TE Promo Flyer

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