Independence EvoCross Reserve


EVO CROSS – the square of safety.

Suitable for Paragliders
max. towed weight (kg) 100 -155 nach EN (100 – 160 acc. LTF)
sink rate very low sink rate at very high towed load
Manufacturer Independence
Weight in kg 1.5000
Colour orange


The Independence rEVOlution continues!

Rescue system surface m max. take-off weight (acc. to LTF) sink rate at max. load (LTF) max. take-off weight (acc. to EN, sink rate 5,5 m/s) weight of parachute
EVO Cross 100 25,06 100kg 4,9m/s 100kg at 4,9m/s 1,5kg
EVO Cross 120 36,81 120kg 4,7m/s 120kg at 4,7m/s 1,9kg
EVO Cross 160 41,12 160kg 5,6m/s 155kg at 5,5m/s 2,4kg

Starting with the Annular EVO and its unique RAM air pocket, the EVO series has become proven, modern and most of all reliable rescue parachute system. Now its up to EVO CROSS to raise the bar again! EVO CROSS is a rescue system based on a cruciform design. The square design has been in military use for many years. We took over the basic shape and developed a parachute, which ideally meets the requirements of paragliding, especially regarding fast opening times. The hour of birth for a new rescue parachute generation. A large projected surface area, precisely calculated suspension points for the painters maximize the projected surface. They have achieved a massive reduction in the parachute’s sink rate. Well defined outlet ports on each corner, as well as a slightly asymmetric canopy, led to even lower descent rates and provided outstanding pendular stability. These innovations allowed us to stay well below the required sink rate of 5,5 m/s to achieve EN 12491 certifications. The last tests demonstrated the EVO Cross was able to stay 15% lower than the certifications required descent rate. The fastest possible opening time, which are close the theoretical minimum, have been achieved by a low, efficient, canopy height. Short overall length and innovate packing techniques, have beat the certification requirements, by 40%. The bright orange fabric is visible in forests, on on rocky surfaces, or any other terrain. The EVO Cross series combines the highest pendular stability, lowest sink rates and fastest opening times in one rescue system. Every safety expert, association, instructor and pilot, who have tried it… agree!

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