Skywalk Flex Ultralight Reversible Harness

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Reversible Ultra-Lightweight Harness

The FLEX, developed in cooperation with Kortel, offers high carrying comfort as well, thus making it an ideal companion on tour or on holidays. Together with the skywalk TONIC, for example, you have a very compact, lightweight and unbelievably versatile combination. The FLEX is available in sizes, S, M and L and can be ordered with an optional front container and connection line for the rescue. It is delivered with suitable lightweight carabiners.

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Reversible Lightweight Harness

Hike & Fly. Comfort & Safety.

The FLEX is a very lightweight airbag-reversible harness with EN/LTF certification, that scores in many ways. The weight of size M is only 1,8kg (without carabiners)! The ram-air protector impresses with a sensational 19g delay value in load tests. And for purists, for whom every gram counts, it is also detachable. The seating comfort that the FLEX offers is so amazing that even extremely long flights are possible free of fatigue.

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