Flymaster Heart-G


Flymaster HEART-G

Adds a new twist to your flight.


Flymaster HEART-G

Adds a new twist on your journey to your flight and your actual flight by providing:

  • heart rate
  • G Force
  • distance walked

Heart Rate Monitor

The Flymaster Heart Rate Monitor provides a reliable way to measure, dsplay and record your heart rate wirelessly through anu of the Flymaster instruments. With this, can you monitor your effort and stress during your flight. This allows for better pilot performance by allowing you to train through the stress moments. The Heart Rate Monitor can also be used for other activities including hiking and biking.

G Force Monitor and Pedometer

The Heart-G has a built-in G Force Monitor allowing you to monitor the G-forces you are subjected to and also gives an indirect measurement of the G-forces applied to the glider. This is great feature and a must for acro and competition pilots. The G Force Monitor can also be used to count steps and show walking distances.

Features when used with the Flymaster VARIO, GPS, NAV or LIVE:

  • heart rate measurement
  • heart rate registration (synchronized with flight data)
  • maximum and minimum heart rate value
  • configurable alarms
  • heart rate graph
  • G Force measurements
  • G force registration (synchronized with flight data)
  • G force graph
  • steps counter
  • walking distance estimation

Technical Data:

  • Heart Rate 30-240 bpm
  • G Force range /- 16g
  • weight 48 g (inc battery)
  • Powered by 1 CR2302 3V battery
  • Communication distance: 3m

Product Manual Download

Additional information

Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 3 in


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