Flymaster NAV SD



Is the newest Flymaster flight instrument specially built for competition pilots.


Flymaster Nav SD

The NAV SD is the newest Flymaster flight instrument specially built for competition pilots. These instruments include all features you would expect from a competition instrument including:

  • route optimization
  • arrival altitudes
  • wind speed and wind direction
  • glide ratios
  • conical end of speed section
  • speed to fly and MacCready function

SD card provides addition memory for world airspaces and ground elevation. SD card loaded with world topography and airspace can be found through this link.

As the other products the NAV SD allows pilots to design their own multiple screens, with the FLYMASTER DESIGNER software. With the user friendly DESIGNER, every pilot can enjoy designing any screen he wants, each with the data he wants, placed where he wants, in the size he wants!

The new structural design of the NAV SD casing makes it far more sturdy than his predecessor and provides high strength protection of the screen against scratches and breaking. The Flymaster NAV SD is leading the way on cross-country and competition flights, ensuring the best value for money on the market, and adding a significant increase in safety with the 3D restricted air-spaces features.


  • GPS with 50 channels, high sensitivity (-160 dBm), fast start-up (< 1 second Time-To-First-Fix for hot and aided starts ), 4 Hz position update rate
  • High contrast and resolution display (320×240)
  • High sensitivity ULTRASENSE variometer (resolution of 0.01 m/s)
  • Next to climb indicator;
  • Data Logger with capacity for up to 300,000 points including position, velocity and altitude (833h of flight with 10s interval)
  • Wireless interface for connection of air-speed probe, temperature probes, etc.
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery (up to 30 hours of flight).
  • Over 400 waypoints capacity

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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