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The SensBox is the latest development from the Flytec Team that brings sophisticated flight computer capability to smartphones and tablets while also serving as an IGC data logger and back-up flight instrument. The SensBox is equipped with highly sophisticated sensors capable of measuring and recording position and complete 3-axis motion through space. Flight characteristics are sent to a smartphone or tablet running flight software via Bluetooth while simultaneously flight recording and displaying basic flight data on the SensBox the in realtime.

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The SensBox is ideal for pilots that want to use their smartphone or tablet as their primary flight instrument, who want to supplement their existing flight instrument with moving road/terrain/airspace maps and additional flight and navigation data, as a back-up recorder, as a backup flight instrument, as data acquisition for design and performance testing, or all of the above!

The SensBox Features:

  • High precision pressure sensor with intelligent vario filtering
  • User-customizable acoustic vario
  • Magnetic compass
  • 3 axis gyro
  • Accelerometer
  • High performance 50 channel u-blox GPS
  • Bluetooth 4LE (low energy) for connection to smartphone/tablet
  • FlyLink node for connection to future external sensors/accessories (e.g., airspeed, wireless speaker, engine info, etc.)
  • Integrated piezo for acoustic vario and descent tone
  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic flight recording with user settable thresholds
  • 1 to 99 sec. record interval (20/sec with data logging firmware installed)
  • SD card slot (SD card included) for virtually limitless flight/data recoding
  • Mini USB port for battery charging and connection to Mac/PC
  • Internal 2000mAh LiPo battery for up to 20 hours operating time
  • Simple three button operation
  • Realtime display of: altitude, vario, barometric pressure, magnetic heading, G-force, ground speed, position, time
  • Status display of: BT pairing, recording, acoustics on/off, battery level, satellite reception quality
  • Configurable from keypad, Mac and PC
  • Compact, rugged and splash-proof housing 4-3/4″ x 2-3/8″ x 11/16″, 4.8 oz.
  • Superb RF shielding
  • FCC and CE approved
  • Firmware available for advanced data acquisition (20Hz recording)
  • Compatible Android apps: SensBox Vario, SensBox Map, XCTrack, FlyMe
  • Compatible iOS apps: SensBox, FreeFlight, Air Navigation Pro
  • iOS SensBox app provides:
    • Full color road/airspace/topo moving map
    • 80 flight/navigation data fields to choose from
    • Route navigation
    • Redundant flight recording to phone/tablet (independent of SensBox recording)
    • Live tracking
    • Measurement units user-selectable
    • Send flight logs witlessly to Mac/PC
    • Voice warnings
    • Competition and OLC features in development
    • In-app purchases for advanced competition features

Bluetooth 4.0LE connection

To connect with the SensBox, the iOS/Android device must be enabled with Low Energy Bluetooth. Bluetooth Low Energy was created by a sub-group of with participation from all major mobile phone manufacturers and is intended for small battery-powered external devices that produce relatively little data. Examples of applications for BT4.0 LE are heart rate monitors, medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, etc. The term “Low Energy” refers to the reduced power requirement for the external Bluetooth device. Flytec decided to utilize this interface for the SensBox and future development because BT4.0 LE is the only open and manufacturer-independent interface for mobile phones and because of the reduced power requirements.

Data Acquisition

With the special high-speed logging firmware installed. The SensBox will record the data of all internal sensors in high resolution at high speed for up to 24 hours. Recording rate is 20 Hz for the magnetic, acceleration and gyro sensors in all directions with the corresponding pitch, yaw and roll values. Pressure-based values such as height and vario are logged at 8 Hz. GPS data is recorded at 5 Hz. The output is saved as *.CSV file and can be further processed in EXCEL.

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