Guide to the best flying sites of Central and Eastern Alps


Guide to the best flying sites of Central and Eastern Alps

3 DVDs with a total running time of 3.5 hours, Burkhard Martens and his wife Nina-Renate Brummer present their “DVD-Guide to the Best Flying Sites of the Middle and Eastern Alps”. Pictures say more than thousands of words – under this motto the two authors have put this mammoth work together. The 3 DVDs are accompanied by a 84 page book, where each site is accurately described.


The Guide to the best sites in the Alps

The package focuses on a selection of the best flying sites in central and eastern Alps this DVD guide spotlights 15 amazing locations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and Slovenia. An accompanying book backs up the DVD with technical information like descriptions of launch and landing points, valley winds, local schools and flying relevant businesses and maps of XC routes. If that’s not enough, there’s even useful vouchers for cable cars and restaurants worth over 100 redeemable at the sites. This DVD Guide to the Central and Eastern Alps is an essential purchase for pilots wanting to visit this Mecca of free flight, or for those simply needing some inspiration and ideas of where to go on their next flying holiday. You can get a taste of the dvd films here: Format: DVD Stock code: VP30-dvd

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