Icaro Parus Tandem



Parus is our brand new tandem glider which will give you real pleasure when flying in pairs. It is available in two sizes 35.5 m² and 41.5 m².

The glider is equipped with the latest light-weight, high-tech materials from Skytex.



Characteristics Wheel

Parus Characteristics Wheel

Due to its extremely easy handling, the Parus is suitable for all pilots who want to use it either commercially or just for flying with family and friends.
For freestyle pilots or pilots with a low weight flying in windy conditions the smaller Parus (35.5 m²) is recommended.

Inflation Characteristics
Characteristics of the glider during the initial inflation.
Landing Characteristics
Characteristics of the glider during the landing approach.
The gliders general stability while flying in turbulence.
Passive Safety
General glider stability without pilot input.
Thermal Attributes
The ease by which the pilot can identify, enter and center (core) a thermal.
Glide Ratio
The distance the glider can travel from a given altitude.
Top Speed
The fully accelerated speed.
How quickly and easily the glider responds to pilot input.
Total Weight
The total glider weight including all rigging.
Sensory information the glider provides to the pilot about flight conditions.
Packing Volume
The volume required storing a folded paraglider.
How quickly the glider responds to pilot input.
The maneuverability and handling of the glider.
How well the glider retains energy in dynamic flight.


Parus is a compact and stable glider with a high amount of passive safety. Due to the light modern construction, the material combination and the clearly arranged risers the start is easy and progressive equally whether you have light wind from the back or strong headwind – Parus can be lead playfully in every way.

The Shark-nose profile enables to reach high-speed at the low weight limit with open trimmers. The Parus translates steering impulses directly and precise and therefore an immediate change of direction is possible at all times. Height can be decreased by using the new “big ears help” without any effort.

The Parus with 35.5 m² allows performing every freestyle figure due to the specially adapted trim and the agile handling.


The Parus design consists of the heart piece of the ICARO Edelweiß-logo. This design is very prominent in the sky and you will leave a lasting impression.

You can choose between various colourways. Please note that the specially created colourways are also available for professional tandem pilots that wish to add advertising on the bottom sail which is therefore left single-coloured.


Icaro Parus Color Options

2016 Icaro Parus Colors

Sizing and weight range!

Weight and size chart

Icaro Parus weight and size chart

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 24 in



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