Icaro Maverick 3

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The Maverick 3 is very good natured and well behaved for a true XC glider even when experiencing turbulence; windy conditions, patchy thermals and inversions. These characteristics are based on improvement to performance, design and construction techniques which give the Maverick 3 a big advantage over its predecessor.  The glider “communicates” flying conditions to the pilot even when scratching in light thermals or tight thermal cores.


The New ICARO Maverick 3

… is the offshoot of the ICARO paragliders product line a worthy successor of the first ever Maverick generation? The easy inflations and safe flying characteristics are uncommon in the  EN C category. The new design retains energy through turns and has the same energetic start entering the thermal.

The development team was excited by the concept of the Maverick 3 but it was very difficult to make substantial improvements over the Maverick 2.2  The most important difference, can be found in its construction and design improvements: New profile, shape, offset modified, line geometry, sail tensioning and software design package.  Mini ribs are found in the trailing edge of the Maverick 3, increased tension on the upper surface (3-D shapes), rods in the profile nose, hook in point (moved to the back at the A riser) and the new ICARO building technology.

A lighter glider is also more agile. Pilots have more fun in the air and the glider is easier to center in thermals. Even in turbulent conditions the Maverick 3 feels relaxed and predictable in your hands.

Distance seekers are exactly what the Maverick 3 anticipates.  This Maverick 3 is inspiring in performance and  impressive in design.   To fly the Maverick 3 means experiencing a well-balanced proportion between stability in flight, handling, performance, optic and feel good character in the EN C class.


The cleverly thought through line layout of the Maverick 3 guarantees  high stability, awesome flight characteristics and easy inflations.

Material mix

The use of different sail materials on the Maverick 3 has got an advantage over its predecessor. The weight was reduced 5.7 kg for medium size and all other sizes will be about 1 kg lighter. The volume and the packing size also shrank.

Risers, speed system and function of the Trim Speed Optimizer (TSO)

The Maverick 3 has is a 3-riser glider with split A’s. At the rear riser the TSO is mounted and at the front riser the speed system fixture with two pulleys attached. A high quality ball bearing rolls and the technology of the riser enables a free-moving speed system and reduces therefore the effort and make valley crossings much easier.

The TSO increased the trim speed by specifically lengthening the rear risers in order to optimize the trim speed.  The TSO can be set to accommodate flying near the top or bottom of the weight range.  In addition the A and B lines stretch a little more with increasing age compared to the C lines.  This can be compensated for with the TSO and the launching and flight characteristics won’t be affected, even when the glider is slightly aged. The TSO is located under the neoprene cover at the rear riser and can only be adjusted on the ground; it cannot be adjusted during flight. The adjustment with the TSO can be calculated by adding the corrected value for wing load to the value . http://www.icaro-paragliders.com/images/maverick3/maverick3-tso.jpg

The new technologies

  • Mini ribs at the trailing edge
  • 3D shaping
  • 3-liner: Less lines, better performance
  • Stiffening rods in the leading edge
  • Newly calculated performance profile
  • New materials: lower sail DOKDO 10, upper sail DOKDO 20 and 30
  • Less weight and volume
  • Clean shape

The new ICARO design line defines a precise optic and underlines the sportive character.

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