Security In Flight


Security in Flight

Jocky Sanderson’s award-winning film takes you, the pilot, through a series of dramatic maneuvers detailing how to recognize and react safely to problems you may encounter during your cross country flight. Using dynamic Air to Air footage, Jocky Sanderson, one of the worlds leading figures in S.I.V. flying, talks you through & demonstrates maneuvers including wing overs, big ears, B-lines, symmetric and asymmetric collapses, stalls, cravats, reserve deployment, spiral dives, spins, thermalling and more.


Security in Flight

Won the special award at the ’97 St Hilaire international festival of free flight, for its cinematography and safety information. By watching the DVD again and again it should improve your awareness in controlling the glider, which in turn, will make our sport safer and more enjoyable. This film lasts 28 minutes.

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