Independence Smart Reserve


Independence Smart Reserve

New lightweight production possibilities were the reason for us to proceed in developing good rescue technology and make it even better.

Pilot Range:

Suitable for Hang-gliders, Paragliders
max. towed weight (kg) 100 acc. EN (120 acc. LTF)
sink rate low sink rate at less towed weight
Manufacturer Independence
Weight in kg 1.8000
Colour red


Independence Smart Reserve

Rescue system surface m max. towed load (LTF) sink rate at max. load (LTF) max. take-off weight (EN, max. 5.5 m/s sink rate) weight of the parachute
Smart L* 38,4 120kg 6,3 m/s at 120kg 100kg 1,8kg

Available for paragliders as well as hang-gliders (HG). Advanced material provided the basis for weight reduction and smaller pack size. Compared with Annular Classic we were able to reduce the weight by almost 30% at similar material costs. Smart is designed as a PDA (Pull-Down-Apex) annular parachute. This means, that pulling the centre line, enlarges its projected surface and reduces the canopy’s volume. Thus sink rate and opening time are reduced.

Developing the Smart we focussed on high pendulum stability, which is more important in rescue systems than low sink rates. High pendular stability combined with low sink rate will result in smooth landings. Just like all our annular parachutes, Smart comes standard with deployment accelerators. These Ram air pockets, achieve fast opening times even under extreme circumstances.

Additional information

Weight 4.8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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