Independence Ultra Cross Reserve


The lightest reserve with the lowest_packing volume IN THE WORLD!

Suitable for Paragliders
max. towed weight (kg) 100-150
sink rate extremely low sink rate at very high towed load
Manufacturer Independence
Weight in kg 0.9750
Colour yellow


The Ultra Cross Reserve series represents the future of technical possibilities… today!

At only 975g Ultra Cross 100 is the lightest rescue system in the world certified according to LTF and EN!

  surface max. towed load sink rate at max. load weight
Ultra Cross 100 25 m 100 kg 4,61 m/s 975 g
Ultra Cross 125 33 m 125 kg 5,1 m/s 1195 g
Ultra Cross 150 40,3 m 150 kg 5,3 m/s 1585 g

A unique fabric exclusively manufactured for independence, made of 10D sturdy Nylon 6.6 with only 22 g/m weight and extremely light, yet high tensile Dyneema lines and ribbons, made our development process possible.

We decided to use a basic shape for the Ultra Cross, just like for our EVO Cross series, a cruciform canopy, which ideally meets the requirements of paragliding, especially regarding fast opening times and descent rates. Defined outlet ports at each corner as well as a slightly asymmetric canopy, lead to a steady flow around the canopy, which provides outstanding pendular stability. Precisely calculated suspension points for the panels maximize the projected surface area and additionally reduce the parachute’s sink rate.

Due to these innovations, we were able to stay below the required sink rate of 5.5 m/s according to EN 12491 restrictions. During the certification tests we stayed almost 15% below that threshold. Extremely fast openings, which come very close to notional specified minimum, have been achieved by a low, thus efficient, canopy height. The low height overall and innovative packing technique allowed the Ultra-Cross, to demonstrate opening speeds that were 40% below the certification requirement.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions N/A

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