Delkin WingMan HD 1080p Wide Angle Video


WingMan HD

  • Capture 1080p HD Video & Digital Stills
  • Action Camera Weighs Only 3 oz (85.1 g)
  • Waterproof Case Up to 98.4' (30 m) Deep
  • Color 1.5″ LCD for Recording & Playback
  • Shoot Close-Ups with the 3x Digital Zoom
  • Wide-Angle View Up to 150deg
  • Helmet & Bar Mounts to Shoot Hands-Free
  • Includes 8GB MicroSD Card & All Cables
  • Comes with Wall Charger & Car Charger
  • Universal Mounting System & Wrist Strap


WingMan Camera

The ultra-lightweight and portable Delkin Devices WingmanHD Waterproof 3 Ounce Action Camera lets you capture all your action sports adventures in full high-definition 1080p clarity. This little waterproof dynamo affords the simplest and coolest way to achieve high-quality close-up video and still imagery of your favorite sporting adventure.

The ultra-light, 3.0 oz (85.1 g) camera comes standard with a helmet mount, vented helmet mount, bar mount and 1/4-20″ adapter. The included 1/4-20″ adapter lets you shoot smooth video shots and capture stunning digital stills from a distance by using the Wingman HD with a tripod (tripod sold separately). You can even make it appear as if you’re right in the middle of the action by taking advantage of the tiny camera’s 3x digital zoom.

The included mounts offer users a way to capture that unique first person perspective, which truly reveals the excitement, risk and danger associated with action sports and the crazy stunts that continue to amaze viewers. It really is the ultimate wing-man. You can take it anywhere you can go – even underwater. Give the world your perspective. Plus, besides adding to the camera’s overall durability and resilience, the included waterproof casing can protect the Wingman HD in the water up to a depth of 98.4′ (30 m).

For those videographers concerned about the camera’s quality, the Wingman HD features an 8.0 megapixel image sensor that’s capable of capturing both high-def video and still images. When you’re shooting video, every frame is recorded in stunningly crisp full 1080p HD. Plus, the camera makes it easy to capture the coolest angles and most unique perspectives. It features an integrated 1.5″ (3.8 cm) LCD display that can be used for both real-time shooting, as well as instant playback. The Wingman HD also features a true action sports lens. Conveniently, the Wingman HD features a 150deg wide-angle view. This lets you get right into the action without losing your subject outside the frame of view.

The Wingman HD Action Camera comes with a Universal Mounting System and a high-quality waterproof case, but Delkin Devices have actually equipped the camera with a cache of other accouterments to help the budding videographer. The lightweight camera also comes with an 8GB microSD card to get you started recording right out-of-the-box. Plus, the camera comes with both an AC wall charger and a DC car charger. This means you have a memory card to save your recordings and multiple chargers for added convenience and portability. If the built-in rechargeable battery dies on the water, you can use the boat’s DC accessory jack or cigarette lighter to recharge the Wingman HD and keep shooting until the sun sets without ever having to leave the water.

Once you get home, the rest of the included accessories help you easily share your footage. You can upload your video and stills onto your computer two ways. One way is to eject the 8GB microSD card and insert it right into your computer. The alternative is to use the included USB data cable to transfer footage from the Wingman HD onto your computer. Once uploaded, you can edit footage or put it up directly onto YouTube, Facebook or Flickr. If you want to share your video clips and digital stills with friends and family right on your television, you can use the included A/V cable to connect the Wingman HD to your TV set. In seconds you’ll be hooked up and impressing everyone with your talent, stunts and tricks right on the big screen.

  1. The camera comes equipped with a helmet mount, vented helmet mount, bar mount and a 1/4-20″ tripod adapter.
  2. The camera features an integrated rechargeable battery back that can be easily charged via the USB power port. Both an AC wall charger and a DC car charger are included for quickly charging your Wingman HD whether you’re at home or on-the-go
  3. Once you get home, the Wingman HD can easily be connected to your TV using the camera’s A/V output (cable included) or you can connect the action camera to your computer using the USB data output port (cable included)
  4. The Wingman HD is prepared for any conditions; it comes with a waterproof casing that maintains its water resistance up to depth of 98.4′ (30 m)
  5. The camera captures both HD video and HD digital stills. Plus, it includes an 8GB microSD card for storing all your amazing action clips and stills
  6. The Wingman HD has an integrated 1.5″ (3.8 cm) color LCD display for both playback and real-time viewing while shooting
  7. The unique waterproof action camera is the lightest camera around with an LCD screen; it weighs only 3.0 oz (85.1 g)
  8. Shoot close-up to the action from far away using the camera’s 3x digital zoom function
  9. Get professional quality 1080p full HD video recordings in nearly any weather conditions
  10. Wingman HD Action Camera is equipped with an 8.0 megapixel image sensor
  11. Camera lens capable of ultra-wide 150deg viewing angle
  12. Camera features a Universal Mounting System

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 9 in


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